Active Excursions

Tridon is an organizer of professional expeditions for all those who appreciate meeting with pristine nature, breathtaking landscapes, who love when the adrenaline is constantly growing, and also for those, who are fascinated with fishing adventure not only on water, but on land as well.

Active Excursions

Lofoten Islands



For real fans of fishing it is one of the most attractive destinations on Earth. It is a place where the warm Gulf Stream reaches, carrying heat for the European continent and at the same time filling the coastal waters of Norway with countless species of fish. That's why Lofoten is called a paradise for anglers. Here, on the harsh Scandinavian coast, you will feel the taste of a real fishing adventure.



The Tuva Republic


It's a place that you will desire to visit. And when you see it once, you'll always want to come back. Hard to access, severe, but also appealing and full of charm. The beauty of this one of the least explored regions of the world is stunning. If you want to feel the power of this place you just have to take part in organized by us hunting, extreme fishing or land-based expedition.

Expedition for fishermen

Fishing in wild Siberian rivers – every one of us, fishermen, while looking at this water, in his mind's eye will see himself right there with a fishing rod. The fishing possibilities in such a river are practically endless.

However, to cast a fishing rod here, you have to: firstly - need to know where the fishery is, secondly - secure adequate means of transport to get there. Don’t worry - this is our task. In pursuit of fishing adventure we will get to the wild rivers of Siberia, which are the only natural habitat of the largest species of salmonids - taimens.


We have technical background that allows us reach the most inaccessible places. We are happy to share our fishing experience with other fishermen, as well as give all fishing enthusiasts the opportunity to try the fight against the Siberian taimen.





It is impossible to get to know the culture of a particular region without knowing anything about its kitchen. That’s why the price of the expedition includes full board, which is always prepared with fresh local products.

We always try to be as close to nature as possible. Sometimes a pristine taiga becomes our hotel, other times we enjoy the hospitality of rural residents. Participation in the expedition does not involve any additional accommodation costs.

Flights, water and land crossing are included in the price of the expedition. The price does not include the cost of reaching the meeting place before the expedition.

During the trip we make photo and video documentation. After coming home all the participants get free access to the pictures and assembled video

The enthusiasts of unusual struggles with a fishing rod we invite to participate in the fishing competition in the Lofoten Islands in Norway. Among the main species of the fish that we catch you will find cod, saithe, cusk and haddock. The winners of the first three places will get trophies, diplomas and a traditional Sami knife. The winner will also have the opportunity to go on a free expedition to Siberia to catch taimen. Wins a fisherman that catches the biggest fish. To participate in the competition, you just have to sign up by filling a form that is available next to the text. Fill it, send it and join the group of real conquerors!

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