Souvenir from the trip

Our expeditions are an adventure of life and probably everyone would like to have a souvenir from such a journey. That is why we make a commemorative film of each of our expeditions at no additional cost.

Thanks to the continuous cooperation with Panopticon Films studio in Cracow, movies are recorded and then edited by professionals.

For an additional charge, you can order an individually prepared film according to your own concept, and if you do not have an idea, the creative director of the company Andrew Sobina will flood you with various fantastic ideas and he will direct the film.
When ordering an individual film, Tridon grants a 10% discount on the expedition.

How such an individual film is made and how much it costs:

  • An original script is created for the film, which tells a story.
  • The script is discussed directly with the customer to ensure that it fully meets his demands.
  • The film may have both an advertising (eg. advertisement of a company or a customer service) or a travel nature, telling the story of individual adventures of an expedition participant.
  • The film can be told off-peak by a professional voice-over speaker, but it can also be a story from an expedition based on interviews and emotions that accompanied in given places.
  • A team consisting of a director, a cinematographer and a sound technician is engaged in the script production.
  • The team is equipped with high quality film equipment and lighting for the scenes directed in the interiors.
  • After the pictures have been taken, the film is edited in about 30 days and transferred to its owner as an unforgettable souvenir of the expedition.
  • The cost of an individual film is determined individually depending on the place of the expedition and its duration.

See an example of an individual film ordered by a Swedish angler