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Expedition to Siberia

Vast areas of wild taiga, dense tundra, inaccessible mountains and steppes and Arctic deserts, where meeting another person is a rarity. Siberia is associated with eternal winter, extremely low temperatures (in which everything freezes), deep snow and a lack of any tourist infrastructure. The distances here are huge, human settlements – scarce, and the roads are nothing like what we are used to in Europe of the 21st century.
A trip to Siberia is hard to find in the standard offer of travel agencies. The unconquered territories of this harsh land rolling east of the Urals are still a great mystery. The region, which covers 12 million km2 in total, is wild and mostly uninhabited. It is ruled by wildlife and the primal law of nature. Traffic is mainly concentrated along the Trans-Siberian Railway. It is quite rare for European travellers to venture further north – to the frosty Yakutsk.

Siberia – an expedition to the frosty land of wild nature

Siberia is a Russian geographical region located in the north of Asia, between the Urals in the west, the waters of the Arctic and Pacific Oceans in the east, the steppes of Mongolia and Kazakhstan in the south, and the Arctic Ocean in the north. It covers an area of approximately 12 million km2. A large part of these areas is inaccessible to travellers, with no hardpack roads leading to them.
The southern part is the easiest to access. This is where the route of the famous Trans-Siberian Railway runs. Train trips are a fulfilment of dreams of crossing the wild areas of Russia. The most famous cities of Siberia: Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude are situated on the railway route. From the stops of the Trans-Siberian Railway you can also embark on expeditions to the Sayan and Altai mountains. They are wild and spectacular, but at the same time not far from towns connected with the rest of Russia. The beautiful Lake Baikal is also very popular.
The rest of Siberia is vast and wild lands, untainted by the traces of civilisation. They belong to the least populated areas in the world. In many places there are only… 2 people per square kilometre. This is a kingdom of majestic expanses of dense taiga. Eastern Siberia is primarily mountains, where human settlements are a real rarity.

Expedition to Siberia with Tridon

Want to get to know the secrets of Siberian landscapes? Love movement and adrenaline and consider yourself more of a conqueror than a tourist that looks for comfortable conditions and plenty of amusements? Siberia is sure to win your heart! Hiking with reindeer herders, accommodation in a real yurt, fishing in the streams of Siberian rivers, horse riding in frozen areas surrounded by breath-taking landscapes, off-road trips through real wilderness. With us, you can embark on unforgettable expeditions that will give you great experiences and memories for years to come.
Our team comprises true enthusiasts who love sharing their wild lifestyle and positive craziness with others. One of our favourite destinations is Siberia. Tridon expeditions are extreme yet planned in such a way as to ensure complete safety. We know all about the specificity of Siberian landscapes and the culture and mentality of the local people. Contacts with and support from the indigenous Siberians, who know perfectly well how to cope in this unfriendly climate, are the only proven recipe for a successful stay in a place with no roads or railway tracks, no hotels, restaurants or shops.
The safety of each trip is ensured by Aleksander Seredkin – our mechanic and hunter and a long-time angler born in Siberia. He knows the unconquered corners of the Tuva Republic and spends more time in the taiga than in the city.

Expedition to Siberia – a trip that will become a unique adventure

We organise unforgettable trips straight into the middle of the frosty land known from poetry and literature and the painful pages of Polish history. Each trip to Siberia is carefully planned, as the logistics are much more difficult here than in tourist regions. These are thematic trips that, on the one hand, allow you to witness the majestic beauty of the dangerous Siberia and, on the other hand, have a great time taking on new challenges and overcoming your own weaknesses.
Love fishing and spend every free moment by the water? With us, you can rediscover your passion. Fishing in Siberia requires excellent knowledge of the terrain and fisheries – in the local rivers you can catch really impressive specimens. However, in many salty lakes scattered across the Siberian steppes, fish do not occur at all. The Volga River or the famous Lake Baikal impress with their unusual charm, but you cannot count on good catches here. An expedition to Siberia with Tridon is a guarantee of selecting the best fisheries with plenty of fish. With us, you will be able to fish on the same river as Vladimir Putin himself! We will take you to the Tuva Republic, where you will be able to test your fishing equipment on one of the largest rivers in the world – the Yenisey. Here, the depths are interlaced with shallows, waterfalls with secluded coves, and the surrounding steppes – with rocks. Your catches may include grayling, lenok, taimen, sturgeon and burbot.
We also organise trips to Siberia for people who love the most extreme adventures and adrenaline. During our winter expeditions, we travel deep into the Tuva Republic (right on the border with Mongolia), where we camp together with reindeer herders. We accompany them in taking out these animals to graze, hunting and fishing.
We also recommend off-road expeditions (organised individually), during which you will cross the steppe, taiga, mountain steppes and a small Arctic desert with salt lakes on an approximately 500-kilometre route. Other options include contemplating the wild landscapes of Tuva from the back of a horse or extreme rafting on the cascading waters of the Yenisey River.
Want to explore a land which is only slowly inviting the achievements of modern civilisation? An expedition to Siberia will allow you to drink in the unique vibe of distant Asia. Get to know the detailed plans of our expeditions and set off on a real adventure!