Siberian fishing

What is the truth about fish in Siberia? In the fishing magazines and Google you will find plenty of magnificent fishing stories, photos and videos with gigantic fish from Siberia. Watching and reading all these stories and adventures, you have the impression that you only need to come anywhere to Siberia and the fishing success i guaranteed! You’re wrong!

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3800 EUR

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12/5000 Area
17 098 246 km2

Syberia to ponad 12 mil km2

It expands from Ural to the steppes of Mongolia and Kazakhstan. And of course, like in such a large area, big fish are not everywhere. And there are even places where they do not exist at all.

What is the truth about fish in Siberia?

Most of my life I spent on trips through Siberia and I know that not all the waters of Siberia are full of fish. There are many reservoirs, eg. salt lakes on steppes, where there are naturally no fish at all.

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Poaching also has bad influence in areas more easily accessible and within cities. But you can still find beautiful wild areas, but even for them the business and economy of Russia did not have mercy. Examples are the Volga River, the famous Baikal and the Aral Lake in Kazakhstan, where you cannot count on a great trophy. There are many places like this in Siberia!The principle of choosing the right fishery in Siberia is the same as everywhere in the world:. “you need to know where to go”.

And we know this, thanks to the tens of thousands of kilometers driven across the Siberia. This experience allows us to reach these best places.

I am convinced that the places we visit during our expeditions are unique. Vladimir Putin is fishing on the same river as we are going to. Siergei Shojgu, the present Russian Defence Minister, with whom Putin spends his free time here, also comes from these areas. That is probably why this is the only place in Russia where there are no railways and no roads until nowadays.

The Republic of Tuva and one of the world’s largest rivers named Yenisei (the 7th position)

I admit that it is not easy to get there. But…. it is worth it. Simply it is.

Fishing in this area is still an unique offer.

Why Tuva and Yenisei?

There is no doubt that it is an unique area. And while this can be said of many places on Earth, when we talk about truly wild and vast areas, Siberian Tuva is (unfortunately) a worldwide phenomenon.

And this is one of the main reasons for our fishing expeditions. Of course, the wilderness of lands is not all, but their diversity is also important. During one expedition we fish in the mountains, on the steppes and in taiga.

Yenisei offers everything angler needs. And even more!

It is a river with a 5500 km long waterway!

It is a real water labyrinth. Yenisei is like a braid entangled in other rivers. It surprises with every kilometre, cause its full of depths and shallows, rocks and steppe, waterfalls and quiet bays. It is a river for every angler.

Spinnergists and fans of fly fishing will be like in paradise fishing for grayling, lenoks or taimen – the king of Siberian waters.

Float or ground angling enthusiasts have ideal conditions to fish for taimen, sturgeon or burbot.

Yenisei gives everyone a chance – even amateurs who are amateurs no more after they return to Europe from such river.

Our fishing expeditions are divided into 3 different stages, matched to the needs of anglers. So that each of you can choose and perform your favourite fishing method and calmly hunt the desired species of fish.

Read our expedition plan and you will certainly find something for you;)

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Did you know:

  • Russia is the largest country in the world.
  • Siberia accounts for more than 25% of all the world’s forests.
  • Russia is one of the world’s largest economies, ranked at 6th position in terms of GDP.
  • The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest railway line in the world with 8 time zones. The length of the tracks is 9288 km.
  • McDonald’s is one of the few alcohol-free zones in Russia.
  • 65% of Russia’s area is a permafrost

Fishing expedition plan / 14 days (10 days of fishing)

Day 1

  • Meeting of the participants of the expedition at the airport of Shemietiev in Moscow and the evening flight to Abakan (flight duration 4:30 h).

Day 2

  • Arrival to Abakan ( 8:45 a.m., time difference +5 h).
  • Breakfast and departure (400 km) to an ethnic base in the steppes. The base is located on the bank of Yenisei.
  • For those who do not want to go through the taiga and who appreciate peace and quiet, we suggest to stay in this base for about 6 days.
  • It is a very good place for fishing for sturgeon, taimen, linok and grayling, and in the evening and at night abundant burbots seek for food.
  • Anglers have at their disposal a boat with engine, tour guide with car, restaurant, sauna and yurts with toilet and shower.

Day 3

Organizational day. On this day we divide ourselves into two groups. People who appreciate peace and less active fishing stay in the base and anglers who like active fishing and adrenaline rush go with us to the town of Kyzyl (40 km) in order to equip ourselves for the expedition to taiga. We spend the whole day in Tuva capital city, we visit the city and have dinner in the traditional Tuva yurt and we make necessary shopping for a trip to the taiga. In the afternoon, return to the base. An evening barbecue on the Yenisei river bank and for those who want, the possibility to use the sauna.

Day 4

After breakfast, we pack equipment and load it onto the boat. After lunch we wish good luck to anglers who stay in the base and we set off on the road! When we sail upstream, we start fishing. In the evening – camping and tent accommodation. The sunset is the best time to catch a taimen using mouse or squirrel immitation.

Day 5

Breakfast, boat loading and fishing expedition.
We will fish when sailing upstream. Spinning anglers can fish from boats and shores, fly angling enthusiasts will be left on the shore in attractive places.

Day 6

Angling like the day before and in the evening – arrival to angling base deep in the taiga.

Day 7

On this day we will split into two groups. Some anglers can stay in this base for about 3 days. It is located in the middle of taiga and there are ideal conditions for fly fishermen and spinning anglers. Around this place there is a wild Yenisei and rivers and streams flowing into it. It is a grayling paradise for fly angling entusiasts, and there are numerous lenoks and taimens here. Accommodation cottages are located just on the bank of the river, which makes it easier to fish at night for burbot. Anglers staying in the base have at their disposal a boat with engine, guide, victualling, petrol and power generator. Within the area of base there are 2- and 4- people cottages, sauna and toilet outside, shared kitchen and barbecue/fire area.

Day 8

We sail together with a group of adrenaline-loving anglers. The further part of the expedition will have an extreme nature. Yenisei will not be so friendly anymore, and we will spend most of our time fighting the river. A some part of the water thresholds will be passed on foot for safety reasons, which will also be a great opportunity for a big taimen or linok. Spinning and fly anglers will be in paradise: the raging stream of water, whirls, floating and fallen trees or rocks and branches is the ideal place and conditions for getting the fishing trophy!

Day 9

Continuation of expedition and fishing. Accommodation in tents.

Day 10-11

Fishing and rafting down the river to the previous fishing base and the anglers who wait there. Accommodation in base.

Day 12

Fishing and rafting down the river towards the ethnic starting base close to the Kyzyl city. Arrival in the evening and the goodbye dinner. Accommodation in yurts.

Day 13

  • Rest after the expedition and goodbye dinner;).
  • For the interested ones, visiting the city, sightseeing tours, shopping for souvenirs and so on.
  • In the evening we say goodbye to our Russian friends and we go for a short snooze and at night we go to Abakan airport.

Day 14

In the morning (09:55:00) exit to Moscow.
Arrival in Moscow at 10:55 (time difference -5 h).
In Moscow, after check-in to our countries, we exchange telephone numbers and e-mail addresses and arrange a subsequent expedition.
And the organizer, Raymond Baginski, during goodbye and before the departure to Stockholm, has for you still little souvenirs from the expedition…

Your destinations

The price:

  • Moscow-Abakan ⇆ plane transport.
  • Transport during the entire expedition.
  • Accommodation in campsites, trucks. yurts and shelters.
  • Nutrition.
  • Necessary equipment.
  • Guide.
  • Translator.
  • Photos and video from the expedition.

The price excludes:

  • Visa.
  • Insurance.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Flight to Moscow

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