Fishing in Kamchatka

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Fishing in Kamchatka

Kamchatka is a region that is often referred to as the “Russian end of the world”. This peninsula, located in the Asian part of Russia, has an area slightly larger than that of Poland (about 370 thousand km2), and is inhabited by only around 470 thousand people (of which over 200 thousand are concentrated around the largest city in the region, i.e. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky).

This picturesque land, covered with dense stretches of green tundra intersected by rivers and dotted with numerous volcano craters (reaching up to five thousand metres above sea level) is a mecca for wildlife. It is safe to say that Kamchatka is one of the last places on Earth where nature still rules, and when travelling through it, one is much more likely to meet a bear than a human. Its crystal clear rivers are famous for their abundance of Pacific salmon – the fish swim into Kamchatka’s rivers from the Sea of Okhotsk to spawn. The area of the peninsula is a dream come true for anglers who love extreme fishing and want to catch the specimen of their lives.

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Fish of Kamchatka, or what you can catch

What is the secret of fishing trips to Kamchatka? Above all, the abundance of fish, because the local wild rivers are a real paradise for any angler. Kamchatka is famous for Pacific salmon. As many as five species can be found here: Chinook, coho, chum, pink and sockeye salmon. Kamchatka fisheries are also famous for large rainbow trout (called mykizha by the locals), colourful Dolly Varden trout (Salvelinus malma) and big whitespotted char (called kundja), which are the boast of the best anglers (specimens measuring 70-80 cm are not uncommon). It is a good place to fish for char; occasionally, anglers catch rainbow trout.

Unforgettable fishing in Kamchatka will meet the expectations of even the most demanding enthusiast. Here, you certainly won’t spend long hours waiting for a fish. Huge specimens weighing 3 to 4 kilograms are not uncommon. Prefer traditional spinning? Or maybe you prefer fly lures or mouse flies (ideal for places that are adjacent to eroded shorelines)? We’ve got you covered. Our fishing trips to Kamchatka offer plenty of attractive spots for various fishing styles. We will go up and down the rivers and our guide will choose the fisheries with the greatest potential and advise you on the perfect lures.

Fishing in Kamchatka – what about the availability of fisheries?

You can fish from the shore or wade in the water. Fishing in Kamchatka, however, requires boats and pontoons to reach the best spots abounding in huge salmon, trout and other species of fish. During our trips, we ensure efficient and reliable equipment which will take us to our destination.

Salmon is best caught by spinning with a spinner or an artificial fly. Salmon and char can be taken from the fishery for meat or caviar. It is forbidden to take kundjas and rainbow trout (you can photograph the specimens you catch). We will provide all anglers who book our expedition in advance with detailed information on the limits, restrictions and regulations that apply to fishing in Kamchatka in a given period. We will also advise you on the equipment you should take, and after the trip, we will give you a film from the expedition as a souvenir.

Fishing in Kamchatka – embark on the journey of your life with Tridon

With us, you can embark on a unique expedition, the theme of which is fishing in Kamchatka. Venture into the wild Russian land in search of fisheries that are incomparable to any other place in the world! Tridon is a team of enthusiasts just like you. We are outdoor conquerors who prefer accommodation in a tent to a room in the best hotel, who love the taste of camping cuisine and active expeditions with long marches on difficult trails. We are people who love achieving the unattainable and venturing into the corners of the globe where only real travellers (not tourists) set their feet.

Our trips have nothing to do with travel agency tours. We want you to make your dreams come true, get to know the unique world of the Russian tundra and see the Asian peninsula located in the famous “Pacific Ring of Fire” with about 160 volcanoes (including over 20 seismically active), hot springs and geysers with your own eyes.

A carefully arranged itinerary will allow you to enjoy the best fisheries in the region, and the appropriate technical facilities and refined organisation will make fishing in Kamchatka an unforgettable experience. The safety of the participants is ensured by, among others, a mechanic and a hunter with many years of experience, born in Siberia, who is not even afraid of an encounter with a bear (there are no dangerous grizzlies here), and knows the taiga and tundra almost inside out. Our team also includes a translator and a doctor. Our chef will prepare wonderful meals served during the day and in the evening. Grilled fish, campfire sausage, salty fish soup, or maybe melt-in-the-mouth pancakes? Our menu always surprises with delicious flavours.

Dreaming of fishing in Kamchatka? The Tridon team organises exciting expeditions that feel like small trips with your best friends. With us, you can marvel at the amazing Kamchatka nature and get to the best Asian fisheries, where crystal clear river waters are full of salmon, trout, char and other amazing fish. Get to know the dates and plan of upcoming expeditions to Russia and experience the fishing adventure of a lifetime.

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